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Death Has A Daughter by Candice Burnett

Title: Death Has A Daughter
Author: Candice Burnett
Genre: Paranormal
Series: DHAD Series#1
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Rating: ★★★★★


Cendall, history’s first female Grim Reaper, has until her eighteenth birthday to prove she’s worthy of the role. The only obstacle in her way are those pesky Guardian Angels who protect human souls, but Cendall is certain she can handle any Guardian who gets in her way.

However, nothing could have prepared Cendall for Lacie—a soul that is protected by multiple Guardians, wanted by Demons, and, most startling of all, can see Cendall.

Cendall uses every trick in the book to try and slip past Lacie’s Guardians and collect her soul, but a Demon interferes at the last moment. In the chaos, Cendall accidently saves Lacie’s soul, along with one of the injured Guardians. Realizing Cendall fears termination for her mistake, the Guardian blackmails her with an offer she can’t refuse: in exchange for his silence, Cendall must keep Lacie’s soul safe from the Demon, until he recovers from his injuries. Cendall agrees—with the intention of checking Lacie’s soul off her list, the instant the Guardian is healed. But as the three of them are forced to work together, Cendall begins to question why Lacie is wanted by the Demons and if her name actually belonged on Cendall’s list in the first place.

Donna's Thoughts:

We’ve all heard of the Grim Reaper, the spirit who takes a human soul at death. This book is a great take on that story. Grim Reaper’s have always been male. They mate with human females who produce the next generation of male Reapers. That is until Cendall is born. Cendall is the first female Grim Reaper and it is not easy. No one except her dad thinks she should be allowed to train to be a Grim Reaper, but it is her birth right. The pressure is on her to succeed, she can’t just pass; she has to prove herself and her worth.

WOW, I LOVED this book. What an amazing plot, the creativity of this author is incredible! The story plays out much like that of a teenaged girl’s life, except for the collecting of soul’s part. At age sixteen, the Reapers graduate from training and are given their first assignments. While on earth they are allowed to look for “the one”, the person they fall in love with but they must wait until they are eighteen before they can approach that human. Well, with Cendall being the only female, she is not limited to only choosing a human, could there be a spark with another Reaper?

The explanation of what a Grim Reapers’ purpose is, is wonderful. It brings a whole new understanding of death. There are other creatures of Hell in this book, demons, collectors, researchers, judges and others. There are also heavenly beings in this story, guardians, angels and judges amongst them. They all have some powers and all are explained in a very believable way. I truly can’t say enough about this book. Typically I don’t read paranormal, but I am SO glad I chose to read this one and I CAN NOT wait for the next one. I give Deaths Daughter 5 stars.  Great job Ms. Burnett!!

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Autumn and Summer by Danielle Allen


Title: Autumn and Summer
Author: Danielle Allen
Genre:Erotic Romance
Buy Links: Amazon Goodreads
Rating: ★★★★★


Is it better to have loved and lost or to have never loved at all?

Sexy, successful and stylish, Autumn Jones believes in love. She believes in the all-consuming, mind blowing enormity of love. She believes in the euphoric state of loving and being loved. She believes in it because she’s had it once. And when it was lost, she was devastated, but she never stopped believing in the existence of love. Unwilling to settle, she learned from the past and moved on with the expectation that she’ll love again.

Beautiful, talented, and slightly jaded, Summer Wilson believes in sex. She believes in the all-consuming, mind blowing enormity of good sex. She believes that love exists, but Prince Charming does not. At least not for her. She’s seen the downside of love—insanity, heartbreak, infidelity, divorce—and she dates with the expectation that she won’t ever subject herself to that type of vulnerability. Instead, she chooses to love her family, her friends, and her work. And although she enjoys the company of men, her heart is hers and hers alone.

Best friends since elementary school, Autumn and Summer kick off the summer by embarking on a dating experiment. Unfortunately, expecting the unexpected doesn't prepare them for what the dating world has in store.

Donna's Thoughts:

Autumn Jones is a hopeless romantic, but was crushed by who she thought was her one true love.

“You know that sleeping with a guy after the first date is not my thing. I have to get to know him before he can get all of this.”
Summer Wilson doesn't believe in love; never has never will. However does believe in really great sex.
“None of the potential suitors were my type, but really, what is my type? Am I too picky?”
Now living together after Summer’s boyfriend cheated on her, Summer convinces Autumn that they need to choose men for each other, because as best friends, they always know when the other’s date is not the right one. For the next month, each woman needs to set her friend up on 10 first dates, blind dates. Do you trust your best friend enough to set you up on 10 blind dates?
“I know. That’s not. Your boyfriend.”

First, I have to say that this is the third book I have read from this author and it is SO much different from her first two. This is a funny, light-hearted, romantic story and I loved it. However, in all honesty, this author needs to consider writing erotica; that first chapter had me running for an ice bath, holy hell!! Beyond Danielle Allen’s gift for steamy romance scenes, her characters are funny, sweet and truly likable. I absolutely love Xavie;r he’s so much more than a hot, rich man. Autumn and Summer have an incredible relationship having been best friends for 24 years. There are a few other major characters, but I don’t want to spoil the story so I won’t mention anyone else by name, but I will say this is a MUST read. I give this book 5 stars and 3.5 hands down the pants. Come on Ms. Allen, give us some more S-E-X!!

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COVER REVEAL: Seven's Diary By Dawn Robertson


Once upon a time, I had a life before Levi.
It's a time that is sometimes hard for me to remember.
But with our lives on the brink of disaster caused only by my own actions, and solely my past... It is time for me to give the world a look at my deepest and sometimes darkest thoughts.

This is Seven's Domme Diary.
A look at life before Levi.
A peek into life before Hers.
Will you ever be able to look at Seven the same again?

About Dawn Robertson:

Dawn Robertson is a two time best selling, twenty-something indie author, and mother. She lives in sunny senior citizen packed Florida, where she wrangles her flock of kids and writes smut.

Dawn can normally be found swearing like a sailor, making late night drive-thru appearances, arguing with her kids, reading a steamy romance while hiding in her bathroom, writing her little heart out on her laptop, shopping for My Little Pony goodies, being the life of the party at a book signing, or sipping on a smoothie. She loves to hear from her fans, readers, and authors alike. Feel free to drop her a message.

Dawn rarely takes life seriously, so be sure to expect heavy sarcasm from her. She is also the life of the party, so be sure to meet up with her at one of the many author events she will be attending in the next couple months. Buy her a shot of whiskey, and she will love you for life.

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The Seduction By Roxy Sloane

Title: The seduction
Author: Roxy Sloane
Genre: Erotica
Series: A Filthy Seductive Serial #1
Buy Links: Amazon Goodreads
Rating: ★★★★★ 


**Warning: this book is full of mind-blowing sex, spanking, and dirty words. Proceed at your own risk -- spare panties required.**

All women look the same on their knees with their lips wrapped around my cock.

You like to think you're different, special somehow. But trust me, I'll have you wet and begging for it before you can think of all those bullshit, good girl reasons why not.

I'm your darkest secret. Your dirtiest fantasy.

Who am I?

The Seducer.

And I've never lost a case.

Until her. Keely Fawes. My mysterious new target.

Someone wants to destroy her -- and I'm their weapon of choice.

Her secrets could be my undoing. Her innocence will ruin me.

But I don't care.

I'm going to show her how fucking good it feels to be bad. She'll come screaming my name if it's the last thing I do.

***Part 1 of a filthy, seductive new serial. Part 2 out June 12th***


Sas' Thoughts:

 This book is scorching HAWT!! Vaughn is every woman's fantasy, It doesn't matter what your into Vaughn has it all down to a science. A fool proof sexual seduction that has never let him down.. not even once... that is until he meets  Keely. He knew she was different from the moment he met her. But he had a job to do. Seduce the girl.. get the proof move on.. Except things are not quite that simple this time around.

"I don't want to talk about traffic, or the weather, or any other boring bullshit. your mouth is to useful to waste on trivial things"

When I first started this book I thought for sure I knew how this would end.. I am very happy to say I was so wrong!
The seduction was fun an sexy with a hint of a suspense. that will leave you begging for more.

Part 2 in this series is due out  June 12th.. and can't wait!!    


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Interview with: Angelisa Stone

Who is Angelisa Stone you ask..

Angelisa Stone is a typical Midwestern wife and mom, frazzled by parenting and housework, and overwhelmed with sports schedules, doctor appointments, and three-dimensional creative projects due “tomorrow morning.” Angelisa dreams of white sandy beaches, clear-blue waters, and Midori coladas in hand, but realizes that her loving husband and four not-so-perfect children are her real dreams-come-true. Writing and reading are her passions, and she hopes (and prays with her fingers tightly crossed) that readers will find enjoyment and escape through her words and characters.

What or who inspired you to become a writer? 

Actually, I've always thought "someday, I'll write a book." Well, we all know what happens when you put the time limit of "someday" onto something. "Someday" is often very synonymous with "never." I hit the late 30s, and started feeling my mortality kicking in and decided "someday" or "never?" Nah, how about right now? So, I sat my ass down and started to type. I'd had many ideas just floating around my head for years, so I started to let just few of them begin to ooze out.

How did you come up with the title for can't go home and can't go with out?

 Hmmmmm, I want to tell you this, because it is pretty fascinating. However, I don't think I can without both honest truths being GIANT spoilers for people who haven't read the books. I guess I'm going to pretend that I'm really cool and say "No Comment." 

Really?! Now I really want to know

I have to ask... whats the one thing you can't live with out.. 

 People. (Family and Friends.) I don't do loneliness well. If we're not going "deep" on this (Ps. I like it deep.), then I will have to say that the one thing that I can't go without on a superficial level is….my bed. I would save it right after I saved my kids in a fire. Greatest bed of all time. Sometimes, I think my bed is what "does it" for me ;-) 

Lmao!! I would have to agree! My bed is one of the few things in life that comforts me with out needed anything in return.. btw Deep is the only way to go for me

Both Dre and Tristan are both very strong and yet different characters with big personalities. Were they based off of people you know or people you've met over the years?

 A lot of Dre's goofiness is based on my husband. My husband would do many of the things Dre did to get Kathryn. And, if we take out Tristan's "sluttiness," then I would have to say that Tristan has a ton of MY characteristics and sense of humor and personality.

Awww Dre's goofiness as you called it, is one of the things I loved most about him! Tristan I can Totally see how he could possibly be a male version of you ... although someone mentioned he reminded them of the comedian Jame Holeva, which I think is pretty fitting also.

Tell me something no one knows about you, but you wished they did Nobody knows? 

 Wow…. that is a tough one. I'm not a private person at all. I pretty much reveal everything about myself at all times. I have a pretty big mouth.

When writing is there a particular place you go to in order to get your thoughts together? 

Most of my books have been written at the dining room table, which is CRAZY, because I have an office. I also have a personal in-home library. I even have a writing desk and comfy chair in my bedroom. I just like the dining room table the best. I even tried once to write at the kitchen table and couldn't do a thing.

What advice would you give to someone considering to write a book, but is unsure if they can actually pull it off? 

You miss 100% of the shots you don't take. Who is that? Wayne Gretzky? Truthfully, you should always give something a shot if you want to, and you should probably know the difference in "there, their, and they're," too. 

Lol... sorry I had to!

Do you have anything in common with either of you female characters? 

 Leah's personality is NOTHING like me. At all. I would never do something to hurt another person or retaliate in any way. Kathryn is much tougher than I am, and very "go get 'em." However, my guilt is exactly like Leah's. I'd never be able to "live with myself" if I did something horrible. Kathryn's sense of humor and desire to help others and give all that she is to others is exactly who I am. My insecurities mirrors hers as well.

If you haven't already, what other genre would you consider writing? 

I'm going to write a YA book soon. It is ready to spew out of my head!

oooo I'll be sure to keep an eye out for that one!

Now for the random facts:

What your favorite color


Coke or Pepsi 

In a can? Diet Coke
Coming from a fountain at a restaurant? Diet Pepsi
Yes, there is a difference.

There is??

 Summer or Winter

 In the words of Olaf, "Oh Summer, I love Summer." Hell, any time I don't have to go to work, I am happy as hell.

Horror Movie or romance

 I don't watch scary movies or suspense movies. They give me diarrhea. I'm not kidding either. My stomach ties and knots for the first hour of the movie, the second hour of the movie, I am in the bathroom! NO LIE. 

Lmaoo!! OMG i'm in tears!! thats too funny. 

During the summer which do you prefer Beach Or the pool 

My FAVORITE is to float on a raft in one of those pools that are on the beach. I don't like to GO IN the ocean or put my feet in the sand, but I do like to look at it and hear it. I hate sand on my towel and stuck to my skin.

 Coffee or Tea 

I don't drink coffee at all. Gross. I do not really like hot liquid….tea, hot chocolate, soups, or anything like that. I will drink hot tea if I have a sore throat though. I love UNSWEETENED ICE TEA with extra ice and two packets of Sweet-n-Low. It's my favorite drink.

Gasp!! I can't go a day with out my cup of Joe... But thats all i've got to say about that

Name one of your guilty pleasures

 Banana Ice Cream! Cookies-n-Cream Ice Cream! Ice Cream! Ice Cream! I scream for ICE CREAM.

Amusement park or a walk in the park 

How far do I have to walk at this park? I would have to go with AMUSEMENT PARK. 


which do you prefer on line shopping or in store shopping? 

Ummmmm, I have a shopping problem. It doesn't even matter what KIND of shopping. I am a SPEND-A-HOLIC. Let's put it this way…. I am a teacher. In the course of a school year, I never repeat an outfit. EVER. I do wear my pants more than once, but I never ever repeat my shirts or dresses or skirts. SHOPPING PROBLEM!

I think that a gene all women are born with

Thank you Angelisa Stone for taking your time out of your day to answer my evasive questions!!

To learn more about Angelisa Stone follow her on Facebook, Twitter and Goodreads 

And sure to pick up her books today:

Can't Go Home

 Can't go without

COVER REVEAL: Confessing Hearts By DJ Larkin

~ Synopsis ~

It’s been two weeks since Alexander broke things off with Sapphira. Realizing that he made the biggest mistake of his life, he concocts a desperate scheme to earn her forgiveness. Together again, it seems they are headed for a storybook romance.

But unknown to them, their pasts are about to converge in a way that could turn deadly. Will true love conquer all? Or will the past drive them apart for good?

Confessing Hearts is the second book in the Vacant Hearts trilogy.

~ Release Party! ~

Be sure to join us on June 1st for the Confessing Hearts Release Party!
We will have a few authors popping in for fun along with teasers and giveaways!

~ Giveaway ~

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Confessing Hearts is book 2.  
Be sure to pick up book 1, Vacant Hearts before Confessing Hearts releases on June 1st!

Vacant Hearts is FREE!
*For Mature Audiences

Sapphira Jones has never known love. Haunted by a past she has tried to forget, she remains distant from everyone except her best friend. Alexander Thomas, bestselling novelist, still mourns the loss of his beloved wife after nearly five years. He is incapable of love.

A series of chance encounters brings these two desolate hearts together. Desperate to remain in the life of the only man she’s ever wanted, Sapphira concocts a plan she hopes will fulfill his needs - and hers. Can she rescue him from his bleak despair? Or will the ghost of his wife prove too much for her to overcome?

Vacant Hearts is the first installment of the Vacant Hearts Trilogy, where two barren hearts collide in a tale of scorching sex and desire, love and romance.

~ Amazon ~ Goodreads ~ Smashwords ~ B&N

~ About the Author ~
 I'm an IT Worker living the dream of writing a book. I live in New England with my wife and two kids. We have a small menagerie of one dog, one cat, and two ferrets. My goal for writing is to write a book that my wife would be proud of. Anything after that is just icing on the cake. 

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Lost Dreams By Jude Ouvrard

Book: Lost Dreams
Author: Jude Ouvrard
Genre: Military Contemporary Romance

When Carter is killed in combat, he left behind his heartbroken wife, Avery and his shattered best friend Remy. Naturally these two, wounded souls gravitate together, irresistibly drawn by the loss of the one they both loved, as well as their deep friendship with each other. But when that friendship starts to turn into something more, new problems arise. Will Avery be able to move on after losing the love of her life? Will Remy be able to fill the void left by the loss if his best friend? Or will this new chance at love cost them all they have left?
Jude lives in Montreal, Canada. She is the proud mother of a five year old son, and has spent the last twelve years with her partner, Cedric. French is her native language, but she prefers to write in her second language, English. Besides working full time in a law firm and being a mother, Jude has a passion for books, both reading and writing them. She is currently working on Ophelia.

Facebook: Twitter:  Website: 

She got into her seat and drove us to I-didn’t-know-where-yet. The music was playing softly in the car. I was having difficulty with noises, they were making me irritable but the melody was nice so I was okay. We were getting closer to Avery's house. At least I hoped we were going to her house, because I was frightened to be alone. I needed her, in more than one way. When she turned to the right, I knew we were going to her place because my house was over on the left. I bit the inside of my cheeks to subdue a smile. A few seconds later, Avery parked the car in her driveway. She undid my safety belt, then hers. She got out of the car to help me out, then grabbed my bag and arm-in-arm we walked to her door. ''Calm down, girl. I'm not dying, I'm okay. I can feel your body trembling.'' ''I can't calm down, Remy.'' She unlocked the door and pushed it open. ''I lost Carter, okay? He's gone,'' she cried. ''And I came this close,'' she showed me a tiny gap between her fingers, ''this close, to losing you too, and that tore me apart.'' She put my bag on the table. ''When Megan told me what happened, I passed out, because I couldn’t believe I was going to have to go through this again. We waited twenty-four hours before we finally got the news that you were alive.'' I felt terrible. ''I'm sorry, girl, I'm so sorry.'' I pulled her towards me and wrapped my arm around her. She cried and she sobbed against my t-shirt. Ave was in a terrible mess. ''I promised you I would come back, and I did.'' I kissed her hair. ''I’m so sorry I had to come back in such a dramatic way.'' ''You're alive, Remy.'' She almost never called me by my first name. ''It's all that matters.'' ''I know, Avery.'' We were silent for a moment, her sobs calming down and she regained control of herself. It broke my heart to see her like this, she'd seemed so strong at the hospital and I was just realizing it was a facade. In that instant, I knew we both needed rest and we both had a lot on our minds. ''I think I need to lay down, Ave, I'm getting a little dizzy. I'll go to my room.'' She squeezed me with all of her strength, one last time, before releasing me. I got to the guest room. There was a bouquet of daisies on the night table. She'd changed the sheets and comforter on the bed for a navy blue one. I made it to the bed just in time, my vision had gone blurry. I sat on the corner of the bed and closed my eyes. The fact that she wanted me to stay here was great, but damn, this was fucked up. She still continued to ignore everything I'd said to her. It made me anxious and the best thing I could do was lie down and chill out. Being around her was even harder now. I put my arm over my eyes, to hide away from the light in the room. Turning it off required too much physical effort for now. ''Remy, are you okay?'' Her voice was low. ''Can you turn the light off, please?'' She did and then removed my shoes. I shifted up on the bed and she placed my legs under the comforter. ''Do you feel any pain?'' ''It's not too bad, I can manage.'' My head hurt constantly, no matter what I did. In my shoulder, the bullet had torn a muscle and damaged the bone severely. They had to screw the bone together in three different places. It would never be as strong as it used to be, but at least I was alive. ''Okay...'' She stayed in the room looking at me. It had me confused, did she want to talk or something? ''Is everything OK, Ave?'' I needed to know. She nodded. ''It's just good to have you here. I missed you.'' Okay, she was giving signs she wanted to talk, but I thought maybe she wasn’t ready just yet. ''I missed you too, girl.'' I smiled. She returned my smile with one of her own, she seemed suddenly shy and her cheeks flushed. ''I thought about what you said to me a lot. It scared me at first but then, I felt like I already knew about it. Things cleared up in my mind. How you were always looking after me, always making sure I was okay. I should have known, but I only had eyes for Carter. I still love and miss him every single day.'' She took a deep breath and rubbed her eyes. ''But... I felt things were different prior to your deployment and I understand now. I didn’t hate it, I liked it. Being closer to you makes me feel better. I need it, but I can't promise you more than that.'' ''What are you saying, exactly, Avery?'' I could feel a wave of tingles rush through my body. What did she mean? It was so out of character for her to be so shy. ''I’m saying I still love Carter, I probably always will, but I also like you and need to be around you. I can't promise you anything, but we could try and see if it would work out.'' ''I’m not a consolation prize, Avery.''


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Unbreakable 2 The Mystery of Lilly by Amie Nichols


Title: Unbreakable 2
Author: Amie Nichols
Genre: Mystery Romance
Series: Cypress Grove #2
Buy Links: Amazon Goodreads
Rating: ★★★★


Unbreakable Two, The Mystery of Lilly, is the sequel to Unbreakable/ Cypress Grove Series. Not a standalone book.

Just when Lilly Sumnor thought everything was going well in her life, the thing she feared most happened. She is kidnapped by her stalker, and as far as she knows, Luke is dead.

She learns from her stalker some shocking news that changes everything. She tries to keep it together in hopes of escaping. When it seems like all is lost Lilly gives up, and sees Luke in a dream. Is he really there, or is her mind playing tricks on her?

Will Lilly have happiness, find out about her mother, and how she came to live with the Sumnors? Can she find truths to the mysteries that have been haunting her, her whole life?

Just as in book one, Unbreakable Two, The Mystery of Lilly, will keep you guessing and on the edge of your seat as one secret after another is revealed.

This is the last book in the Cypress Grove Series.

Donna's Thoughts:

As we know, Lilly has been kidnapped by her stalker. Her friend Lucy and her boyfriend Luke were drugged and then the stalker detonated the bomb. I won’t comment on most of that but I will say that Lilly’s fate is not bright. She decides to play into the stalker’s fantasy to try and gain his trust, but he is a smart man.

“No, Papa, this girl, you can’t have this one.’ She tells the air again. She visibly shudders, as though she is freezing.”

This book is filled with ‘Oh Wow” discoveries. There is so much I want to say about the book, but I don’t want to give anything away. What I will say is that I really enjoyed this story, it is unlike any story I’ve read. I have to say I enjoyed the whole voodoo aspect and not knowing where that piece of plot was going to take me. I found Lilly to be fairly immature, but given her age of eighteen, I realized her behavior is appropriate. Again it is a young group of characters, so there is quite a bit of sex. I give this book 4 stars with 2.5 hands down the pants.

“Don’t Come back, child, I saved you once I don’t know if I can do it again!”

About the Author:


Amie Nichols is a writer, reader and lover of all things caffeinated. Also has never met a wine she has yet to like. When not working her full time day job, she can be seen walking her mini doxie’s or writing away on her laptop. She started writing 2 years ago and is about to publish her sixth book. The “Deep Blue Series”, is a set of 3 Novella’s that have been receiving 4 and 5 star reviews. While her debut novel, “Unbreakable/ Cypress Grove Series”, was released in the fall of 2013. With its squeal to be released in May 2014. Once she started writing she couldn’t stop. She has been loving every minute of the writing world. Making new friends, new experiences and learning so much, sometimes the hard way. She is looking forward to much more to come, in the exciting world she has recently discover.

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Come Sundown By Chelsea Landon

Title: Come Sundown
Author: Chelsea Landon
Release Date: May 27, 2014

Erin Evans is the kind of girl no guy wants to be in a relationship with. She's controlling and never backs down when she thinks she's right.
Knowing this, and rightfully fearing her last few years in her twenties will be like the last five, she looks for some adventure.
That's when her best friend convinces her to go on vacation with her to the Bahamas.
On the land of white sand, coconut rum, and a cloudless sky, what she never expeects is to meet Tyler Weston, a local bar tender with a sweet tongue for the pretty girls. He's tattooed, entertaining, and living the dream in paradise as he sets her drinks and world on fire.
As the moon lights the city, Erin unexpectedly becomes infatuated with Tyler and his bartending skills when he offers her a challenge to try his Black Magic drink. With a mission to now try every drink on the menu, one night she can barely remember turns into two weeks of exciting possibilities she never saw coming.
Can Erin put aside her cynical side and let the dirty mouthed bartender show her what island life is really like?
Buy Links

“Sounds like you have it all figured out, don’t you?”
A satisfied smile crossed his face. “Uh-huh.”
“I bet you have a dirty mouth, too?”
By the look on his face, it was fairly obvious he was about to say something dirty. “Sweetheart, you’d be surprised what that mouth can get me and what it can do for you.”
“Wow.” I threw my head back. “You’re so fucking arrogant.”
“Arrogance is a blessing.”
“How so?”
“No matter what you say” — he winked — “you want a man with confidence.”
He had me there.
A raucous burst of laughter brought me out of my island boy trance. 
I brought the glass to my lips, finishing my drink, and watched a group of intoxicated girls grind on each other. Next to them, there was a group of men watching, drooling, and then taking them home.
“A girl really did a shot off a guy’s dick?”
Tyler grinned and held up the bottle of tequila in one hand, the other one undoing his belt buckle. “Wanna try?”
“Oh, uh.” I swallowed, and I thought he sensed maybe I wasn’t drunk enough for that, but it did sound appealing to me. I wouldn’t mind putting my mouth on him for sure, the thought tempting, even if I just envisioned it in my mind.
Before I had a lot of time to think about it, Tyler looked around the bar. It was empty for the most part, so he patted the bar. “Hop up here, city girl.”
“On the bar?”
He raised an eyebrow, setting the bottle of tequila on the bar and then placing two limes and salt beside it. “Yeah, what the fuck does ‘hop up here’ mean in city terms?”
“All right, let’s do it.” I gave a nod, as if to prepare myself.
“Off my dick?” You couldn’t miss the eagerness in his voice.
“Uh, no. Something else.”
I jumped slightly when his hands touched my exposed knees, pulling them apart. He then grabbed the salt shaker and made me get on the bar. He moved between my legs, putting his hands on my thighs again. With a firm grip he slid me forward and stood so his chest was in line with mine, so close I could finally smell him. He smelled like summer, warm sand, rum and cologne, fresh and clean.
He let go of me and then drew back far enough that he could raise his hands to pull his T-shirt over his shoulders. Goddamn, was he muscular and tanned. Dark markings scattered his chest and arms with what appeared to be about twenty or thirty different tattoos. I didn’t have a single tattoo, and the thought of getting even one terrified me. But part of me was really excited right then because now I knew he didn’t have a cat’s ass on his stomach. I could work with this.
I snuck a peek at his body again, just one more and proudly noticed him doing the same thing.
Oh yeah, I could definitely work with this.
We stared at each other for a moment, Zac Brown Band bellowing through the bar.
I was fairly modest in my attempt at a body shot and did one off his neck. Licking his soft but rough skin, I took my shot and then sucked on the lime in my hand. He said nothing, showed no real reaction other than his arms tensing when I licked his neck.
We sat there, staring at each other.
It was his turn. 
Slowly he bent down to my neck, his lips on my collar bone, but he didn’t stay there. He surprised me when he moved lower, and lower. When he reached my thighs, he slowly spread them apart, his thumbs on my inner thighs, just inches above my knees.
I moaned, tossing my head back. “Of course you’d do that.”
He looked up at me, his head between my legs. “Nice panties.”
“Stop looking.”
I went to close my legs, but he caught them in his firm grip, prying them apart. “I don’t think so. You owe me.”
His mouth moved in, closer, and then closer. The heat from his breath and the humidity had me sweating like crazy. No way did I want his mouth down there. I tried to pull him up by his shoulders, but he knocked my hands away and shook his head.
With his mouth on my left thigh, he slowly licked a trail upward until his nose hit the bottom of my dress. Drawing back just slightly, he reached beside him for the salt, sprinkling it over the path his tongue had just made. Reaching up he placed the lime in my mouth.
Is he serious?
Yep. Looks like it.
I took the lime, willingly. He grabbed the shot and lowered himself once more between my legs. Wanting to tease him, and maybe torture myself, I spread my legs a little farther apart. 
He smiled, his eyes a little darker as his hair fell in his face. Nothing was being said, but this was by far the sexiest shot I’d ever experienced.
With absolutely no hesitation, he licked the path he made with the salt, his tongue flat and wet against my overly heated skin. The sensation shot through my body, causing me to jump on contact. He noticed and gripped my thighs a little tighter, holding me still.
Pulling away, he threw his head back and took the shot, and then brought himself to my mouth. At some point I had bitten down on the lime; the juice squeezed down my chin and neck. Licking my neck, then chin, capturing the juices, he then took the lime, smiling the entire time.
Our lips never touched, and I was sadly disappointed. I wanted to kiss him.
He leaned toward me and brought his lips to my ear. “Now imagine that…higher….” His left hand, which was on my thigh, still moved higher until the pad of his thumb was between my legs. He stroked his thumb over my clit, separated from his skin by the thin wetness of my panties, with just enough pressure that I wanted to scream and then shove his entire hand up there.  To say my body was now officially more liquefied than the drinks that this delicious looking bartender served to his customers would be the biggest understatement of the night. I needed him as much as I needed my next breath. Praying that this night ended the way I’d envisioned because this ache wasn’t going to go away on its own.
Other novels by Chelsea Landon
Something Worth Saving
It was one night, one fate and something tragic destroying something beautiful. 
Heavy sheets of smoke curling and rolling together constricting my visions of this life I had.
You see that there? 
That wrenching pain in your gut knowing not everything as it seems? 
Look closer. That nervous energy you now have, stumbling over words you can’t say, a voice muffled under a mask, a moaning plea to be saved, slurred words on the tip of your tongue, there’s the something tragic.
When I have nothing left to give, nothing left to say, it’s him that brings me back to the moment, in the arms of my firefighter, the warmth of his heart and body, struggling to save his family.
Just Enough
Coming Summer 2014
I want out of this town.
I want to leave and never look back.
He doesn’t knock when he comes in, he never needs to. He knows, as well as I do, my door is always open, waiting.
I crave him. I do. He knows this, I think, I know, and I believe he craves me too. Why else would he come back?
It’s his determination and his will that gets me. That determination keeps me waiting for him in a dreary bay. I’ve always heard my friends say they wanted the rich guy to take them out of this small town that seems to hold us all captive.
Lincoln wasn’t that guy. At first look, he’s a fisherman, married to the sea and weighted by her waves.
Who is he to me?
He’s someone who gives just enough.
He shows me a different way of thinking. A way to give more than just enough.
Author Info
A stay-at-home mom, Chelsea spends her days drinking entirely too much caffeine, baking sugar-sweet treats she never eats, playing on Pinterest, and jotting down notes for her novels. A dreamer at heart, she’s been creating happily-ever-afters. She’s a lover, a writer, a dreamer, would rather type than speak, wants to remember everything, loves lots of ice in her drinks, and is slightly introverted.
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Monday, May 26, 2014

Hooked up By Parker James

Title: Hooked Up
Author: Parker James
Genre: M/M Romance
Series: N/A
Buy links: Amazon Goodreads
Rating: ★★★.☆


Cable piracy and a con artist bring Shay and Jagger together in a rough and startling way. When tough guys fall in love and lust, the choice between domination and submission becomes all too important.

A body-builder working for a cable company, Shay Masterson, gets sent out on a trouble call to discover who's pirating the company's signal. He not-too-gently meets Jagger.

Jagger Holmes, a muscled, bad boy bounty hunter, comes home to manage his elderly father's recovery after an accident. He discovers someone trespassing in his dad's back yard and jumps the man. The contact results in sexual heat that's a game changer.

Two major conflicts brew--how to catch the con man bilking the elderly by selling stolen cable and, more importantly, how two tough guys come to terms with the need to dominate.

Submission will be a deal breaker or a revelation. The men are forced to discover which--or lose their budding love

Donna's Thoughts:

Shay Masterson is a Dom is gay and is a cable technician. His lover, who he worked with, has been transferred overseas. Now Shay is lonely, but between his job and his time at the gym, he tries to fill his time. Who could have guessed that cable piracy had the potential to change his life?

Jagger Holmes is a dominate gay male and a bounty hunter. His job requires him to be in excellent shape and he has that down. When his elderly father falls breaking a few bones, Jagger returns to his home town to care for him. After visiting his dad at the rehabilitation hospital,l he finds a stranger in his dad’s back yard. Will taking down this trespasser change his life? It just might.

“I promised myself the first day we met, I would f*%k you some day. That day will be here when this piece of sh*& con man is behind bars where he belongs. If I were you, I’d start reconciling myself to that hard – and I promise you it’s going to be very hard – fact.”

This book is H-O-T. Both men are described as tall, muscled, gorgeous males with more than adequate male organs if you know what I mean. ;) The story is simple and short. I finished the book in less than twenty four hours. I liked that both men are dominant, they are extremely attracted to each other but neither is willing to submit. Can they work through the issue and reach a compromise or will they remain steadfast and go their separate ways? Give the book a read and find out, but make sure you have extra batteries; it’s rather stimulating. I give this book 3.5 stars and 4 hands down the pants.

About the Author:

Parker James fancies herself a unique, multi-variant personality who loves everything to do with love. Parker lives in Central Florida surrounded by wonderful friends, a home she remodeled herself--well, okay, paid someone to do what she wanted--and an adopted feral cat. She is also a practitioner of the Tarot and does private readings and public presentations on the Tarot and all things psychic and metaphysical. She is an unabashed and unapologetic proponent of love and non-judgment, with a passion for truth and integrity. A published author in other fields, Parker is fairly new to M/M romantic erotica but she promises there will be more--much more--to come!

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Thursday, May 22, 2014

The Middle Eye and Devil Eye By Rebecca Jean Downey



When eleven-year-old Rosa Garcia disappears from an El Paso, Texas playground, Penny Larkin, a newly-certified remote viewer, is hired by Sheriff Leo Tellez to find her. The FBI believes she's a runaway, but this is the second time Rosa has been kidnapped, and Leo fears she's been taken by a sexual predator. Penny's lingering memory of fighting off a rape attempt by her foster father clouds her thoughts and prevents her from locating the kidnapper quickly. The sheriff, who rescued Rosa from a homeless man five years earlier, is up for reelection and seeks to curry public favor by finding her again. His deputies claim Penny is a charlatan and a waste of the department's money. When Penny can't locate Rosa promptly, Leo boils with frustration and fires her. Penny refuses to give up, and soon discovers the bloodcurdling kidnapper's hideout. With time running out, Penny sets out alone to rescue Rosa. Will Penny find young Rosa and exorcise her own demons in the process, or will she fall into the clutches of a Russian child-trafficking ring?

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When the U.S. Marshal wants to stop a sale of firearms to Mexico, he asks Penny Larkin to use her remote viewing skills to track down New Mexico gunrunner, Juan Rico. Penny is sworn to secrecy because the marshal believes a law enforcement officer is involved. She can't even tell her boyfriend, El Paso County Sheriff Leo Tellez. Penny heads off to Columbus, New Mexico alone, and winds up stranded on the Interstate during a dust storm. She is forced to use her own gun to hold off a gang of men trying to hi-jack her car. A man winds up dead and New Mexico State Trooper Johnny Trejo, arrests Penny on suspicion of murder. When Leo comes to rescue Penny from the clutches of the law, he brings Adriana, the beautiful twin sister of Alejandra, Leo's dead wife. Penny is desperate to get out of jail to defend her relationship with Leo, but when she is finally free, she must keep her word to the marshal and find Juan Rico, first. On the trail of Rico, gun traffickers kidnap Penny and drag her across the Mexican border, along with their guns. This means certain death for Penny in a country where women often go missing. A rescue by the U.S. Marshal or even Sheriff Tellez is unlikely since no one knows where she is. Will Penny escape the grasp of ruthless gunrunners? The answers can be found in Devil Eye! [youtube]  
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About the author
AuthorPhoto Rebecca Jean Downey has a way of pulling you into her stories. You don't want to put the book down until you make sure her characters survive! She graduated from the Indiana University School of Journalism, covered police and court beats as a newspaper reporter, and has since had a life long fascination with law enforcement and criminal behavior. Rebecca read Sherlock Holmes in elementary school, and has devoured hundreds of mystery novels over her lifetime. She finally realized that her home in El Paso, Texas-lying on the cusp of two countries-was a perfect backdrop for sharing the haunting headlines generated south of the border in Mexico.
Today, Rebecca is a speechwriter for the President of The University of Texas at El Paso and Director of Development for the College of Health Sciences.

More about Rebecca's Books Rebecca's novels introduce the reader to a psychic technique called controlled remote viewing, developed in the 1970s by the CIA when the agency suspected that the Soviet Union was conducting psychic spying on the United States. The US Army and the CIA utilized Stargate until the end of the Cold War when the US Government declassified it. Today, remote viewers help law enforcement agencies and individuals locate missing persons and solve cold cases. As a remote viewer herself, Rebecca found writing about Penny Larkin's adventures to be therapeutic.  

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