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'We love  love thats more than love'

'I love you not because of who you are, 
But because of who I am when im with you'

I know, i'm a damn asshole. I'm for sure gonna burn in hell
Tristan O'Donnell
Can't Go Without

“I think women want men to be more like men again.”
Jonah Noble
Interview With A Master 

I want to hut you. I want to own you, I want to devour you I
I want to make you mine, I'm already your

you wanted hearts and flowers
you have my heart, here are the flowers

Women tend to fall in love with me
When i take off my clothes

I never needed nor wanted your money
all i want is you

Im every womans adventure, and i dont want to be
yours. I want to be your real!

You belong to me, you are safe

Every part of you was made for me. Your lips was made
For mine to kiss. Your eyes were made to wake up
To me looking at you in my bed every morning.
Do you think anyone compares to to in my eyes

Its hard to tell your mind to stop loving somone
When your heart still does

A woman who knows what she wants sexually
and isnt afraid  to express it is so fucking hot

If only i could christian grey her right now in
this elevator. But i am no Christian Grey

I have a knack to your rescue

Christian Grey? Who's that did he go to school with us??

Only a bastard would want to take her to bed and get her
Naked right now ergo, I was such a dirty bastard

you make me feel cocky Its the way you react to me
Thats makes me feel like a fucking god. How can you not see that

You are my heart, I will not lose you

You can keep your ocean, ill take the lake

I want your first kiss to be the best first kiss
in the history of first kisses

He told her he wasn't her prince charming,
But what he hadnt said,
was he wished he could be

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