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Escape the doubt

Escape The Doubt ★★★★★


After the unexpected death of her Dad, and the haunting manner in which he died, Riley Shaw built invisible walls around her heart. Barriers she created to protect her from splintering into broken pieces that couldn’t be repaired. She was unable to move forward from her past letting the guilt of her parent’s mistakes dictate her own choices.

Dean Warren was safe. Being with him was innocent and peaceful, because she didn’t truly love him. His words held her captive in a false sense of security. His eyes were deceptive, and his promises of never pushing her beyond what she was willing to give were broken, leaving Riley in a state of regret and doubt.

Joshua Parker had the power to take what was left of Riley’s splintered pieces and ruin her completely or make her whole again. He was her best friend, her next-door neighbor - everything she wanted and settled on never having. Loving him was as easy as breathing air. The fear of losing him forever was more real to her than the feelings she couldn’t escape.

When faced with the very thing she feared the most, and in the arms she thought were safe, Riley finds herself questioning every decision she has made over the past two years. When she finally escapes the doubt in her head, and accepts the truth in her heart is it too late?

Is taking a chance with your heart worth the escape, or was it better to have never loved at all? Can forgiveness really set you free?

"Out of breath, out of mind, out of control. I just need to escape it. All of it, the doubts the fears, and the loss of everything I want. It was in my hands and I let it slip through my fingers because I couldn't see.past the shot in my head"

My Thoughts:

Wow what a story!! As adults we tend to forget the result our own actions have on our children. Due to the actions of her parents Riley shaw trust no one. And her lack of trust causes her to constantly find herself between two guys one who has her best interest at heart and the other is only looking to add another notch on his belt. Like most women in her predicament she chooses the wrong guy. And although she has feelings for the other she can't escape the doubt in her mind that he could very well be the one.

I absolutely loved this story! You can fell the romance dripping from the pages. The poetry was so beautifully written. However the teenage boy hormones had me curled up in laughter:

"How do I put it in my mouth?" I ask trying and failing to pick up one of the bigger California rolls with my chopsticks.
   Josh sputters his Dr. pepper and says, "um you just put it in."
   "It's so big through,  I don't think it will fit." I continue eyeing the roll in between the two sticks. I was unaware of where josh's dirty mind was when I was running I'm mouth.
   "Yea, it's big, just put it in slowly and then moan your pleasure from how good it tastes." His voice took on a purr that gets my attention.

Men! Lol although I have to admit, as I read the first line I thought the same exact thing. 

I seriously couldn't put this book down I read this one within two hrs. This is highly recommended. 

Donna's thoughts:

The teenage angst is a live and flowing through this story. Teenagers really need to learn how to communicate and stop and listen to others (who am I kidding so do most adults). Anyway there is sexual tension between Josh and Riley but for one reason or another they just can’t seem to get it together. He thinks she’s still with Dean, she thinks he’s with this one or that one. They over hear parts of conversation and make assumptions, it’s a drama fest. This book is well written and switches between his and her point of views which I feel only adds to the story. I enjoy know what is going on for each character, I think it brings more to the story. I enjoyed this book and look forward to the next book in this series Embrace the Moment to see where these two are headed. “I can’t promise is will always be rainbows and sunshine because that’s not reality.” I recommend this book as a good read and give it 4.5 stars.

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Interview With A Master By Jason Luke

Interview with a Master

I was given the opportunity to read 1/3 of this book. And I'm already completely mesmerized by all thing Jonah Noble! In just these first few pages of this book I'm convinced more men should write. Jason Luke had me completely floored and begging for more. Although in Mr Luke's case he doesn't just write about being a master, he actually is one! Which makes this book all the more interesting!

Jonah has a  reputation as being a ruthless and heartless business man, but there's so much more that meets the eye.

Although he's been interviewed many times before about his choice of lifestyle something about Letitia Fall has him intrigued and he wants to share more than he normally would. And at the same time something's are best left in said.

Mark your calendars
Interview with a master will be available February 8th 2014

Be sure to add this to your TBR List!

COVER REVEAL: My Last Resolution By Whitney Gracia Williams

My last resolution


My boyfriend is an asshole.

A pure, one of a kind, I-wish-I-was-making-this-up asshole.

Every year, I write "Dump his ass" as my most important resolution, but I've never done it.

Until now.

Well, kind of...

Instead of showing up to our "secret" engagement party, I've shown up to the airport--ready and willing to go wherever the next flight is bound. Determined to keep and fulfill all of my resolutions, I'm proud of myself for finally striking out on my own.
Until I never make it to my final destination. Until the sexy stranger who sat next to me on the plane changes everything. Until my "last resolution" is fulfilled a lot earlier than I thought...



Not ten. Not twenty. Eleven.
Ever since I was a little girl, my mom would force me and my sister to list our resolutions at the end of the year. She’d tell us to fold them up and carry them in our pockets as a reminder, and to make sure that the last one (“lucky number eleven”) was the most important one of all.

I never understood the purpose behind those resolutions, and in the early years I’d do it just to make her shut up. I’d write things like, “Stop telling Mom that she gets on my nerves,” “Learn how to dropkick the boy who always pops my bra straps,” “Steal better snacks from the cafeteria at lunchtime.”

Yet, as the years passed and I entered high school, I started to take them a little more seriously: “Lose lots and lots of weight by the summer.” “Try to work on my writing every day.” “Stop trying to fit in so much and just be myself.” And I always looked forward to writing that number eleven. Although it was supposed to be a goal, mine was more like a dream: “Find a real life bad boy, make him fall in love with me, and live wild and carefree together for the rest of our lives.”

Unfortunately, I didn’t find him in high school—that “lots and lots of weight” took way too long to lose, and the lames that came shortly after were only interested in having sex.

Very, very bad sex.

My real life bad boy stormed into my life during my senior year of college, in the form of a sweet-talking, former womanizing, ultimate-alpha-male-sweetheart named Adrian Smith III. After preventing me from nearly walking into a moving bus, he told me I was “the sexiest woman [he’d] ever seen,” and the rest was history.

Our love affair was fast and frantic, uncontrollable and overwhelming; it was so reckless and volatile that it almost became an obsession.

I fell in love with him after only a few weeks, but I knew he was the man I wanted to spend the rest of my life with.
He was my dream.
My number eleven.
After we graduated college—when things began to slow down and settle, we decided to stay together for the long haul. We had separate goals and aspirations, so we promised to strive for them while still hanging on to each other.

Unfortunately, that’s where the nice version of my story ended.

My life with Mr. Bad Boy became more of a tragedy than a love story, and at the end of last year I did something I hadn’t done in years…

I changed my number eleven.

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Author Bio:

A self diagnosed candy addict, travel junkie, and hypochondriac, Whitney Gracia Williams LOVES to write about characters that make you laugh, cry, and want to (in the case of Selena Ross) reach through your Kindle and slap them. She is the "imaginary bestselling" author of the Jilted Bride Series, Mid Life Love, Wasted Love, and Captain of My Soul. When she's not locked inside her room, feverishly typing away on her laptop, she can be found here: She also loves getting emails from her readers, so if you want to tell her how much you loved (or hated) her stories, email her at

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Schasm By Shari J.Ryan

Schasm ★★★★

Chloe Valcourt drifts between two worlds: the dark reality of her domineering mother and feeble father and the vivid fantasy of her imagination. With her condition comes the harsh observation of doctors who intend to cure her of it. But a chance encounter with a handsome and vaguely familiar young man in her dream world hints at the possibility of hidden truths—and a life she can’t remember. As her drifts become a greater escape from the cruelty of the real world, Chloe finds herself lost between what is real and what is imagined, questioning her very existence. Can she remain in the lush new imagined landscape to find happiness in a realm of her own invention? Is she doomed to return to the harsh reality of the outside world forever? Or will she become trapped somewhere between the two…unable to return to either?

My Thoughts:

I was so lost in the beginning of this book. Everything just sort of happened all at once and it was hard to keep up with what was going on until it was explained. Once I understood what was going on I couldn't break away from this book. Chloe lives in her head in order to escape her reality. It is there that she meets Alex or so she thinks. As the story progress secrets are revealed and she slowly realizes all is not what it seems.

Alex and Chloe's story is a romance story like no other. This one surely kept me on my toes just when u think you know what's going to happen it doesn't. If your looking for a book with alil more than just your average romance, this is definitely the way to go.


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Breaking Bedrock By Britney King

Breaking Bedrock ★★★★

We've all heard that story about the perfect family living a perfect life until temptation comes into their lives and turns everything upside down. Except it in this book it doesnt quite end the way you'd think. 

In book one we met 'Temptation' William Hartman and he has his sites set on Addison Greyer, a happily married woman and mother of 3. Although she fought him for as long as she could Addison gives into temptation. Never realizing trouble is brewing.  'Trouble' being Scott Hammond. Scott has an old score to settle with William and what better way to make William pay than to take his vengeance out on Addison. When the dust settles Addison decides to separate her self from William.

This book pretty much picks up where bedrock left off. For the sake of her family Addison and William decide it might be best to stay away from each other but the harder they tried that more they failed. when a new threat emerges they both decided to go their separate ways. But for how long?

Meeting Addison in the first book I had a hard time connecting with her.  She was so indecisive stringing both her husband and William along. Never being completely honest with either of them with what she wanted til she was forced to. 
  In book two I had mixed feelings towards her.. I just couldn't relate to her on any level. However it seems a few readers felt the same exact way I did. So Ms King shared the story tellers POV of Addisons characters and it was then her actions started to make sense to me. Thank you for clearing that up BTW.

Overall I really liked this book. Breaking bedrock proofs love isn't always pretty and it never comes along when you want it to. Something I'm learning the hard way in my own personal life. If your a hopeless romantic like my self this is definitely the book for you!

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Take A Chance by Anna Lisa Nicole

Take A Chance ★★★☆


Willow Emery is in the middle of chemotherapy when she literally runs into Asher Wellington on the sidewalk after treatment with a rather unfortunate outcome. She is alone in a new city and doesn’t need anyone in her life. If life has taught her anything it’s that you can’t rely on anyone.
Asher is a young widower, devastated by the tragic death of his wife Olivia three years earlier. He has given up the idea of ever finding the kind of love that he shared with his late wife. Will one fateful day bring two lost souls together? Will taking a chance lead them to a happily ever after or will the challenges they face keep them apart?

My Thoughts:

This was a realistic romantic story about two people afraid to move on due to the tragic events within their lives. Meeting purely by fate their both forced to take a chance on the possibility of true happiness.
I liked this story I know so many people that can relate to some of the emotions that grips you as you read about Willow and Asher's pain and insecurities. Most books you read today is about one character helping to build up another. In this story however, both characters help each other. And in any good standing relationship to date this is one of the key elements in making it not only work but last.

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COVER REVEAL: Fix You by Carrie Elks

"Richard, we had a baby."
31st December 1999. Seventeen-year-old Brit, Hanna Vincent, meets New Yorker, Richard Larsen; a Columbia student and step-son of scion Leon Maxwell. Divided by wealth, distance and a common language, an unconventional friendship grows between the two.
From London to New York, from 1999 to 2012, Fix You follows the story of quirky, music-loving Hanna and handsome, driven Richard as they fall in love and are torn apart. Their tempestuous relationship leads to an explosive revelation that threatens to destroy them both.
Emotional and touching, this is a story of second chances. Is their shattered love beyond repair?


May 12th 2012
Richard had filled out nicely since she had last seen him. The thin cotton of his shirt clung to his biceps, skimming his taut abdomen as it tucked into his dress pants. His hips were still lean and tight, and she closed her eyes as she tried not to remember how they had felt between her thighs, as he had moved inside her, breathing softly in her ear, as she had moaned and whimpered and—
She shook her head. She wasn't standing in his large, oak-panelled office just to take a trip down memory lane, as pleasant as that might be. She had flown here, over three thousand miles, to tell him what he deserved to know.
Inappropriate laughter bubbled up in her throat as she considered the ridiculous melodrama of the situation. Her 17-year-old self would be rolling her eyes, wondering how this 29-year-old woman had managed to turn a seemingly promising life into a soap opera.
She glanced up at his face, looking at his lips, which had turned down into a deep scowl. His eyes had narrowed beneath his brows, and his straight, patrician, nose was slightly crinkled in response to her presence.
The contempt he felt toward her was radiating from him.
Hanna tried to keep her breathing steady, reminding herself that although she was in his office, on the penthouse floor of his building, this was her show.
She was in control.
If he viewed her with contempt now, God only knew how he would feel once he'd heard what she had to say. He had been an integral part of her life for so long—as a friend, a confidante, even a lover—but never before did he have the power to break her.
"As nice as it is to see you," he drawled, the tone of his voice making it patently clear that her being in his office was anything but nice, "I have a meeting in five minutes. Exactly what is it that you want?"
He had no idea, but this was it. Time to open her mouth and tell him what he needed to hear. Her arms suddenly felt heavy, and her fingers trembled; a physical manifestation of her nervousness. Her laughter was replaced by something more unsettling, as she tried to take in a deep breath and form the words that she had travelled all this way to say.
Her tongue darted out to moisten her lips. She watched his gaze move down to her mouth, staring at it with dark eyes, as her teeth drew in her bottom lip.
"Richard." Her voice was surprisingly strong. She could do this. She could tell him the truth, and then get the hell out of here.
Back on a plane.
Back home.
Back to him.
"Richard, we had a baby."

Author Bio:

Carrie Elks lives near London, England and writes contemporary romance with a dash of intrigue. At the age of twenty-one she left college with a political science degree, a healthy overdraft and a soon-to-be husband. She loves to travel and meet new people, and has lived in the USA and Switzerland as well as the UK. An avid social networker, she tries to limit her Facebook and Twitter time to stolen moments between writing chapters. When she isn’t reading or writing, she can usually be found baking, drinking wine or working out how to combine the two.

GoodReads link for the book:

RELEASE DAY BLITZ: Never say Goodbye By T. Renee Fike


Liv’s childhood best friend, who she’s been inseparable from her entire childhood, moves out of state. She’s devastated and forced to move on with her life without “her everything.” Luckily, she finds a new best friend, Brynn. These two have been best friends for so long, they decide to attend the same college as roommates. After things don't turn out so well with a failed relationship, Liv chooses to forgo any romantic commitments. She’s in college after all, so why not enjoy being single and free? Brynn, however is in a happy relationship and wants nothing more than for her best friend to be in one too. As much as she tries to play matchmaker, Liv refuses to be tied down. Unfortunately, when it's least expected, someone at school makes Liv’s world turn upside-down. As much as she doesn’t want him to affect her, he does. To make matters worse, Brynn’s boyfriend knows more about Liv then he realizes and eventually he’s able to put the pieces of her past together. When tragedy strikes, the past and the present collide, allowing secrets to come out and change everything. Will friendships be torn and goodbye’s said or will they keep their promise and never say goodbye?

**This contains graphic sexual content and situations suitable for readers 18+.**

Live now on Amazon! Get your copy -> here

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About the Author

T. Renee Fike is a born and raised country girl from Pennsylvania.  When T. Renee isn’t writing, she’s working her full-time day job, or pursuing her Master’s degree.  Aside from work and school, she enjoys hanging out with friends, reading a good book, watching football, (GO EAGLES) or hanging out with her niece and nephew.

You can follow T. Renee Fike on Twitter –

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Heroes and Villains By Zoe Adams

Hero's and Villains ★★★★


Katie and Frankie are enemies. Have been since the start of university, and nothing will ever change that. Nothing.

When the prospect of a costume party is thrown into the mix, it's the opportune moment for Katie to showcase her true nature - geek. Enter into the mix a charismatic young man, dressed to match her own theme, and things become very interesting for the young virgin.

My Thoughts:

This story was short sweet and to the point. In life we all wear a mask. Most of the time it's taking defense mechanism. In other cases your simply trying to blend in with everyone else. Such is true for Katie and Frankie. Once they can see each other through their masks things make a drastic turn for these two. I love stories like this because there are so many people in this world today trying to be something or someone there not simply to fit in or to be liked by others. The moral of the story you are your own worst enemy.

If you have 15 mins to spare you definitely want to pick up this book!

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Stolen Hearts By Christy Newton

Stolen Hearts ★★★☆

Twenty-two year old, Cammie Adams knows one thing for sure - life wasn’t fair. She's still an emotional wreck her parents seven years ago. Right after she gets her PI license she is not only robbed, but abducted, only to find her life was all a lie. When she finds her mother’s diary, she discovers she was only a pawn in her mother’s dangerous game. Now she must get back what is rightfully hers from the man that murdered her mother.

Hot and mysterious, Simon Fisher has really only loved one thing - jewels. This ex-jewel thief, now bodyguard, doesn’t even know what hits him when he rescues Cammie as a favor to her father. Simon must protect her, but soon finds out where there’s trouble Cammie isn’t far behind. She will not only steal his prized jewel, but his heart

Stolen Hearts was a really cute romantic story that will keep you guessing. with a unique story line. It was also very different than what I'm use to reading. which is the main reason i agreed to read it.

 Everything im this book happened at a fast pace. Cammie went from being robbed to being kidnappend  a day or two later then rescued only to find out everything she knew about her childhood had been a lie. All of this happens with in 30% of the book.

given all shes been through there was only one scene Cammie was seen as venerable which I have to admit is pretty freakin awesome.
Overall this is a good read just a lik too face pace for me.

COVER REVEAL: Uncomplicated By Dawn Robertson & Jo-Anna Walker


Three days a week I work your everyday nine-to-five. The paperwork is never-ending. The pay is mediocre, and the office drama is simply intolerable. But the other four days a week, I am my own boss.My name is Jennifer Sunshine and I am a Vegas Call Girl.
My clients range from frat boys on spring break to multimillionaire business men with stuffy wives and less than ideal equipment.
I don’t have a daddy-complex or some kind of sob story.
I don’t need the money, but it is nice.
The only thing I crave is the exhilarating feeling I get from being in control of something. Anything. My life is uncomplicated, simple even.
That was until he bulldozed his way into my life, and everything changed.
Overnight he makes me realize how much I truly need him.

COVER REVEAL: Touched By Another

Touched by Another


Lately, Emma MacIntyre has been pretending to live the life of a perfect wife while her husband Keith takes control over her family business. With the loss of her parents to a tragic car accident and a fight that causes her brother, Riley, to move out of state Emma chooses to stand by her husband.

While sorting out her parent’s estate, Emma stumbles across a few hidden secrets that she suspects Keith has kept her from. Heartbroken Emma turns to her brother for support, hoping to also rekindle their own broken relationship. When she moves to Boston Emma finds herself reacting to a complete stranger when he is willing to comfort her and listen to her pain.

Is Emma ready to move on with her life and leave the hurt of her failing marriage behind? Will Emma fight the urge to fall once she has been Touched by Another?

About the author

T. H. Snyder was born in Allentown, Pennsylvania. For six years she worked in the field of higher education while earning her Bachelor and Master Degrees in Management from University of Phoenix. She's a single mother to two children. She became an avid reader in spring of 2012 and since has read over 250 books. Her genre of interest ranges from Romance to thrilling Paranormal. This is more than just a hobby for her, it's a passion to read the words of great authors and bring life to their stories with her reviews and character castings. She started writing her first novel in June of 2013 and is anxious to see where this journey takes her!!

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Trust by Sherri Hayes

author: Sherri Hayes
series: Finding Anna series #4
Rating: ★★★★★


Brianna is lost for the fourth time in her life. Each time was unexpected, and each changed the course of her future. The first life-altering event occurred when her mother died, and she moved to Minnesota to live with her father.

The second was when she was kidnapped at the age of seventeen and forced to be a slave. She would never forget those ten months. Brianna thought her life was over.

Everything changed again the day Stephan steamrolled into her life and brought her home to live with him. She had no idea what to expect—what life with her new Master would hold. That first month with Stephan was, in some ways, more confusing than the prior ten. As a slave, she’d known her place. With Stephan everything was new and different. He’d given her freedom and so much more.

Five months after Stephan rescued her, Brianna once again finds her life flipped upside down.

In this fourth, and final, installment of Finding Anna, Brianna must unearth strength she never knew she possessed. Stephan can no longer protect her from the outside world. She must learn to trust herself, embrace who she is, and discover who she wants to be. Only by facing her demons can Brianna find true happiness and peace.

My Thoughts

This series was one I can honestly say I'd never get enough of.. I hated that this was the end.. But that was the only thing I hated about this book...

In the beginning of this series we watched Brianna go from being a robotic like slave, to a beautiful strong woman. As is in our everyday lives her strength was tested numerous times. No Matter how scared she was she came out of it with her head held high. However this final test could possibly be her undoing!

After being forced to separate himself from Brianna, We see a more vulnerable side to Stephan, an it's truly heart breaking. I've always been told love can both make you and or break you and we see both sides in this book.

There are not enough words in the world to describe just how much I loved this series. Ms Hayes says that this is the end of Brianna and Stephan but I'm really hoping she reconsiders.

If you haven't read this series your seriously missing out on one hell of a story!

Links are posted below if your interested on catching up with this series



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The Blacksmiths Son By Rebecca Thomas

The Blacksmiths Son ★★★★

Captain Quentin Drake has returned from ten years at sea. He was wounded during the war and needs time to rest. After buying a horse he takes to the stables for the night before he takes off for home. When he enters the stable he comes across his once upon a time would be brother in law beating a young boy. His heart is so good he intervenes and takes the unconscious boy to his room for care. While in town he meets a woman who is in need of help although she won’t admit it and he becomes enthralled with her. Can he convince her to let him help? Who is the young boy and how does he play into her life?

This is a historic romance which I have to admit is not my typical genre. This is probably because the language drives me crazy; however this book was not heavy on old English so I was able to read it in less than two hours. This was an enjoyable story. It contains a steamy sex scene which is always good and of course a happily ever after. I found myself yelling at the female character for not accepting Quentin’s help. It was fairly obvious from the beginning that he was trust worthy, but I suppose much like most strong women she felt she could handle any situation on her own. Ladies, let the man help once in a while you never know when he’ll turn out to be a Quentin! I recommend this book and give it 4 stars.


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COVER REVEAL: Fallen From Grace By Leigh Songstad

Fallen From Grace


Expensive cars...
Penthouse apartments...
Exclusive clubs and endless money...

By day, Judas Woods practices Law in New York City.
By night, he’s forced to portray a playboy image he despises.
Past resentments his father holds against him have made Judas a prisoner in his own life. Just as he is ready to give up on life, he meets her—Grace Winters. Beautiful, intelligent and way out of his league.

Years have passed since the tragic accident that destroyed her family in just one night, and Grace Winters has finally found her new normal. Congressman Ellis Randall is charming, charismatic, flawless...and he wants to marry her.
Things are perfect.
Almost too perfect…
When Grace meets the enigmatic and troubled local bad boy, Judas Woods, she is swept into a whirlwind affair of passion, desire, and secrets.

What is Congressman Randall hiding?

And can Grace trust the bad boy she is falling hopelessly in love with?

Saturday, January 11, 2014

COVER REVEAL: Never Say Goodbye

Never Say Goodbye


Liv’s childhood best friend, who she’s been inseparable from her entire childhood, moves out of state. She’s devastated and forced to move on with her life without “her everything.” Luckily, she finds a new best friend, Brynn. These two have been best friends for so long, they decide to attend the same college as roommates. After things don't turn out so well with a failed relationship, Liv chooses to forgo any romantic commitments. She’s in college after all, so why not enjoy being single and free? Brynn, however is in a happy relationship and wants nothing more than for her best friend to be in one too. As much as she tries to play matchmaker, Liv refuses to be tied down. Unfortunately, when it's least expected, someone at school makes Liv’s world turn upside-down. As much as she doesn’t want him to affect her, he does. To make matters worse, Brynn’s boyfriend knows more about Liv then he realizes and eventually he’s able to put the pieces of her past together. When tragedy strikes, the past and the present collide, allowing secrets to come out and change everything. Will friendships be torn and goodbye’s said or will they keep their promise and never say goodbye?

**This contains graphic sexual content and situations suitable for readers 18+.**

Friday, January 10, 2014

A Woman Gone Mad By Kimberly Dawn

A Woman Gone Mad ★★★★

Forget everything you know about fairytales. There comes a point in a woman's life when she realizes not everyone gets a happy ending.

And no one knows this better than Lillian Shaw.

The safety of a small southern upbringing and a happy normal family couldn't keep life from chipping away at her. And nothing leaves its mark like the bite of a broken heart.
Blow after blow, Lillian tries to stay optimistic, but when faced with a choice that could destroy her future, she gives in to the temptation.
When your first true love comes crashing into your happily ever after, you're supposed to walk away. Not fall back in love.  But saying no to Leo was something Lillian could never do...
Once lines are crossed is there any going back? Or is the risk that Lillian Shaw takes going to leave her broken again...
And this time be enough to make her A Woman Gone Mad?

When I started reading this book originally I wasn't at all intrigued. It took me a couple of days to get through the first half of this story. But eventually it does pick up the pace a bit.  And when it does it comes at you like a never ending speeding train. Just as you start to recover from the first blow another one isn't far behind. By this time I couldn't read fast enough to find out what happens next.

In the very beginning 's Dawn did say A Woman Gone Mad wasn't your traditional fairytale I didn't heed her warning. But I'm reiterating her words... this story is very raw and emotionally captivating and yet so easy to believe.I mean think about it how.many of us actually have that happily ever after fairytale life style.. I know I sure don't So im telling you you owe it to your selection to read this book've been warned..

Due to specific actions in this book that leaves with to many questions I can't give AWGM more than 4 stars perhaps after book two I might be able to change that.

Raw By Bella Aurora

Raw ★★★★★


Growing up the way I did, you’d think I’d be more screwed up than what I actually am.
Soon as I turned sixteen, I left that bump in the road I called home and took my chances on the street.  Best decision I ever made.
Now, at the age of twenty six, I’m educated, employed and damn good at my job.
My friends have become my family. Like me, they know what it’s like to grow up unloved.
But the saying is true.  The world makes way for those who know where they are going.
That’s me.
I know where I’m going and I’ll get there eventually. On my own terms and at my own pace.
But then there’s him.
I feel his eyes on me. I see him hiding in plain sight. He watches me.
He makes me feel.
It’s unconventional.
But it’s real.

I’m sure you’re wondering how a person falls in love with their stalker.
So am I.

This isn’t a story.

This is my life

My Thoughts:

This book needs a standing ovation!... I have read a lot of good books in my day but nothing.. and I mean absolutely nothing like this!! Raw is truly a masterpiece.  This book is dark, twisted & raw and yet so beautiful all at the same time. 

I've had many love hate relationships with just about all of my book boyfriends. At this point I think it's actually mandatory.. But Twitch took that love hate vibe.. I so crave for.. to a whole nother level. What can I say I've a serious obsession with bad boys.. and Twitch is about as bad as they get.

Lexi definitely wasn't your typical damsel in distress either. She was determined and strong willed and she never back down with out a fight although she knew she should. She had her insecurities of course but name one powerful strong minded woman that doesn't. Some of her actions are questionable in the beginning.. But once you get into the story all that is completely forgotten.

Many books have one maybe two big OMG moments, Raw has multiple and you will never see any of them coming! The last one will have you begging for more!!

This book is highly recommended with a 5+ stars from me! Raw should be on everyone's READ NOW LIST!!


This book is meant solely for the open minded. This is not your typical love story.  

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Brutally Beautiful by Christine Zolendz

Brutally Beautiful  ★★★★★

A deadly game of hide and seek. With blood still on her hands, Samantha Matthews is on the run, running from dark secrets and a man she prays to God will never find her. Running and hiding, just to stay alive. She had no choice but to run, to leave, to hide and forget about her life before. When Samantha believes she's gained enough distance from her past and her demons, she stops running, hoping to find her future in the heavily wooded area of the Adirondack Mountains, a place she never expected to encounter a man with secrets as dark and as sordid as hers. Kade Grayson is hiding, not from the demons after him, but from himself and from the entire outside world, wishing every day he could have just died. Arrogant and domineering, he’s tormented and terrorized by his past, seeing nothing good for his future. With the ghosts of his past still haunting him, he has exiled himself to a life of solitude, only living for his words and through his stories. Until her. An undeniable attraction, turns into hate and then ultimately obsession, an obsession that grows into a powerful story of love and redemption. Will the bond they have begun to build between them grow stronger than the tragedies that have scarred both of their lives? Or will they allow their demons to consume them? 

When I started reading this book I wasnt really sure what to expect. But I can honestly say this book blew me away!! I have read countless books about someone running from there past in hopes of starting over. this book is nothing like the rest. within 15% of the book I was already on the edge of my seat and not able to read fast enough.
Kade Grayson.. OMG!!... is so dark and mysterious everyone stayed away from him but i wanted nothing more than to run to him, hold him and love him. And god does he give good love!!... yes im quoting Whitney Houston.  
Brutally Beautiful is full of suspense, is well written and highly recommend. 5 plus stars all around! 

Monday, January 6, 2014

Torn From You By Nashoda Rose

Torn From you ★★★★★

It is highly recommended to read With You" the novella first.

Love is like an avalanche. It hits hard, fast and without mercy.
At least it did for me when Sculpt, the lead singer of the rock band Tear Asunder knocked me off my feet. Literally, because he’s also a fighter, illegally of course, and he taught me how to fight. He also taught me how to love and I fell hard for him. I mean the guy could do sweet, when he wasn't doing bossy, and I like sweet.
Then it all shattered.
I was alone and fighting to survive.
When I heard Sculpt's voice, I thought he was there to save me.
I was wrong. 

I had heard some great reviews about this book.. everyone that knows the types of books I liked to read insisted I needed to read this one.. an although it took me a while to get there I finally got a chance to read it.

 Torn From you is fan-freakin-tastic. This book is dark but compared to the many other dark stories I've read and loved.. this one sure stands out from the rest!
There was a lot of jaw dropping OMG sitting on the edge of your seat, can't read fast enough moments. And when it's all over you'd want to relive it all over again.

Sculpt.. feelings for him was all over the place.. But in end love one me over.I'm not generally into rock band/music however, I'm thinking perhaps I should be. Perhaps my sculpt is just waiting for me to make an appearance... hey a girl can dream.. lol

As I got closer to the end I expected there to be some major cliffhanger but there wasn't one.. how ever there is one tiny thing that has yet to be revealed.. an we won't get answers for that until we read the next book in the series. Overwhelmed By you. And I can't wait to read it!!

Sunday, January 5, 2014

My favorite books of 2013..

Holding Out By lila Rose

Holding Out  ★★★★

Zara Edgingway is a twenty-six-year-old secretary. She has a daughter that apparently knows-it-all and a best friend that could possibly have the mouth of Satan, but she's been with her through hell and back. Then there's the hunk'a'licious biker neighbour finally showing interest in her. If only she isn't about to face her next obstacle in life, the one she ran from six years ago: her ex husband.

Talon Marcus is the president of the Hawks Motorcycle Club. For two years he's had his eye on the quiet, reclusive, yet sassy, neighbour Zara. Finally, he has the chance to claim her as his woman. Just when her past catches up with her, she'll need, not only his protection, but the help from his biker brothers.
Now, if only she'd stop fighting him along the way.

 when I learned this book had some hot motorcyclist in it and as a lover of SOA, I just new I had to read this book.  However nothing about this book reminded me of SOA, which is actually a good thing. Talons was all kinds of hot and demanding. He was tired of wanting.. he decided Zara was going to be his and she would love it. My mind and my heart had a hard time with this one... there's nothing I love more than an alpha cave man prick.. that's my mind.. but my heart wanted him to be sweet and romantic about making her his.

The big OMG moment that you do see coming wasn't at all what I expected it to be. I was hoping for Ms Rose to take a step into the dark side with this story. But perhaps that's because of my craving for dark and disturbing books.

All in all the story was just ok for me.. Which is why I could only give holding out 4 out of 5 star.

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Crashed by Dawn Robertson

Crashed ★★★★

Emily Taylor is a twenty six year old event planner. Two years ago she lost her parents to a drunk driver and her boyfriend of two years for reasons unknown. On her way to work she is involved in an automobile accident. When she comes too she is in the arms of a “stunningly gorgeous” firefighter.

Avery Martin is a paramedic with Station #1. He moved to Daytona from Georgia when he was twenty. He’s dated a bit but he hasn’t met anyone he wanted to spend time with in quite a while. It’s against policy to become involved with patients, but when he rescues Emily from her wrecked car he may have to bend the rules.

First I have to say that I LOVE author Dawn Robertson! She is on my top 5 favorite new authors list for 2013. Typically Dawn writes erotica, but Crashed is contemporary romance story it is much tamer than her other works. The main characters have been threw their share of heartaches and “crap-tatic dating experiences”, when they meet, BAM its love at first sight! They’re relationship involves some distress to be worked through but they are hoping for a happily ever after. Will they be lucky enough to get it? I liked this book, I liked the characters. They are warm and funny, Avery is a hot firefighter so what’s not to like. It is a sweet love story and it was a good read. I give this book 4 stars!


Friday, January 3, 2014

COVER REVEAL: All Good Things (the good life #.05) by Jodie Beau

All Good Things


This is going to be the best summer ever! Bonfires, pool parties, trips to the beach, throwing her arms in the air while riding down the open road in a convertible – she’s going to do it all. Roxie has plans. It’s the last summer before college graduation. By this time next year she’ll be living in the “real” world; ie: paying bills, searching for a job that doesn’t require an apron, and maybe even sleeping on a bed that doesn’t turn into a couch. If there’s ever a time to be fun, irresponsible and reckless, it’s now. But things don’t always go as planned. Before the summer has even started, Roxie makes a discovery that breaks her heart and shatters her confidence. Her hopes of having the Best Summer Ever go straight in the trash. Forget the beach. Forget the bonfires. Forget summer altogether. If only her childhood friend, Jake, would let her be. His contagious smile keeps popping up and dragging her to every social event in Ann Arbor. Reluctant at first, his happy-go-lucky attitude becomes an addiction. It isn’t long before Roxie starts to wonder if her longtime friend might be the perfect cure for her heartbreak. This summer might be good after all. But All Good Things… must come to an end.

**All Good Things is an NA prequel to the contemporary 2013 release The Good Life. The books can be read in either order, or as stand-alones.**

In celebration of the  cover reveal  The Good Life is currently free from now til sunday! <--- CLICK HERE TO GET YOUR COPY TODAY !!

Thursday, January 2, 2014

It was always her choice By Susanne Lovely

It Was Always Her Choice ★★★☆

As little girls we've all had a crush on someone much older than we were or someone we probably shouldn't. I had quite a few when I was younger lol. As we all know is normal. Which is what I thought when I first started reading this book.  This story started off on Shania's 14th birthday, just to fast forward to her upcoming 21st birthday.  Where she tells David how she feels about him and her only wish for her birthday.  He says no at first listing all the reasons he can't comply. But  from on paragraph to the next he changes his mind. 
   Things don't go the way she expects and she runs away. Only to have her life threatened.

For me a lot of the events in this book felt rushed and a little to predictable. There was also certain parts of the story I felt as if I've read before in another book.
While I understood the direction Susanne intended to take this book unfortunately for me it didn't reach there.
Nonetheless this is a romantic love story proving that true love can concur anything. Simply because I'm a hopeless romantic I give this story 3 1/2.